Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Strong and Stable Total Joke

Lets have a look at just how strong and Stable the Tories are in reality

The Tories missed every target they promised on the Deficit and now the earliest target is 2020 and beyond.

George Osbourne's policies lost the UK its AAA rating. 
Every Tory Government since 1970 has increased the UK debt by more than Labour check the facts don't believe the lies. 
Since 2010 the UK debt has increased by 700 billion through 7 years of austerity, that's 100 billion a year. 
Cameron produces a Brexit referendum and split the country in two. 
Cameron resigns after saying quite clearly in the commons that he wouldn't. (Mainly because he had told the EU leaders that he could swing the Vote to stay) 
Chairman May campaigns to stay but says she is the strong one to negotiate leaving. 
Chairman May says there will not be an election as the UK needs stability leading up to Brexit .... and then calls an election. 
Labour provides a costed Manifesto that can be debated. 
The Tories produce a totally uncosted Manifesto that cant be debated and Chairman May says there will be consultations when asked how things will be paid for.
Labour offered to have their manifesto vetted along side the Tories but the Tories refused. 
Chairman May refuses to debate live on TV with Corbyn. 
Chairman May said tonight that the Tory's financial record was not in question ....
I say liar... the Tory record is very much in question and the fact that you thought you could get away without putting any figures to your manifesto proves just how conceited you really are. 
You had no plan whatsoever for Brexit and you have no reliable or costed plans for this election and Chairman May even had all the questions upfront in tonight's interview and still couldn't answer them.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Tories Very Own "Actual" IRA Member.

As the poll ratings narrow there has been an upsurge of posts to discredit Corbyn. The one enjoying the most popularity is the Myth that Corbyn was an IRA sympathiser. Which is so obviously untrue that im surprised that anyone still falls for it but still, here we are.

Strangely though we haven't heard much of the Tory who was actually a member of the IRA. Yes I know what your thinking and I thought exactly the same, must be rubbish, so I checked and no its not, the Tories actually have an ex IRA member, who was a cabinet minister but resigned after being exposed and is now a Tory Councillor.

Not just any member but a gun carrying member as she has admitted herself.

So when your posting rubbish memes and misinformation about Corbyn who did no more than talk to Sinn fein in an attempt to help the peace process, spare a thought for the Tories very own actual IRA member. Maria Gatland or Maria McGuire as she was known in the IRA.

I agreed with the shooting of British soldiers and believed the more who were killed the better.

Steaming hypocrisy Gatland appears to have renounced her past with the IRA, and obviously this has satisfied her peers and bosses in the Conservative Party, as she is happily still representing them. But no such treatment is given to Corbyn – even though any contact he had with the IRA was in the context of the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Maria Gatland 
Maria Gatland, is a councillor in the London Borough of Croydon for the Conservative Party. She is also a former Council cabinet member for education, a post she resigned from after being exposed as a former member of the Irish Republican Army. Wikipedia

You do realise that a current SERVING Conservative politician was literally a MEMBER of the IRA, right?

While the mainstream media focuses on Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged “support” for the IRA, it is conveniently ignoring a Conservative politician who actually used to be a member. And even said that:
I agreed with the shooting of British soldiers and believed the more who were killed the better.

Tory terrorist?

Maria Gatland is a Tory councillor in Croydon, South London. But in a previouslife she was known as Maria McGuire; a member of the Provisional IRA and lover of one of it’s top dogs David O’Connell. She detailed her life in the group in a book called To Take Arms: My Year With The IRA Provisionals. And she pulled no punches in describing just what she was involved in.
As The Belfast Telegraph documented in 2008, Gatland went on an arms-buying mission with O’Connell to the continent. It reported that:
O’Connell took her to the Continent on an abortive mission to buy modern arms to replace old equipment. The old stuff would malfunction during gun battles, which she said was ‘particularly annoying for the really good snipers’. Their travels took them to Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris, but they constantly felt they were being followed. In France, McGuire wrote: ‘At one period I thought seriously about using my gun on one of our shadows’.
But after their cover was blown by a British newspaper, they were forced to flee back to Ireland. Even after Gatland admitted in a press conference that the pair were trying to buy weapons for the IRA, they were still not arrested.

Shocking words

She also said in the book:
I remember occasions where we heard late at night that a British soldier had been shot and seriously wounded in Belfast or Derry and we would hope by the morning he would be dead.
I accepted the bombing of Belfast and when civilians were accidentally blown to pieces dismissed this as one of the unfortunate effects of urban guerrilla warfare.

A change of heart

But Gatland soon began to realise that she was being “very naive”. And after the Bloody Friday bombings, when up to 22 bombs were detonated in Belfast in just over an hour, killing 11 and injuring 130, she left. Gatland said:
I was very concerned about what was happening to my country and believed joining the IRA was the way to do something about it. I began to realise it wasn’t something I wanted to be involved in and so I left. I realised violence was not the answer and I now abhor violence.
But according to The Daily Mail, her links with the IRA were only exposed because she was accidentally called “Councillor McGuire” at a Croydon council meeting. Therefore, forcing her hand to reveal her past. At the time, in 2008, she resigned as education chief of the Conservative-run council, and considered leaving the party entirely – but never actually did.

“Deeply regret”

She currently sits on the Shadow Shadow Cabinet for Children, Families & Learning. Gatland said of her time in the Provisional IRA and rise to Tory councillor:
I wanted to put something back into the community and I think I have done since I was elected to the council. I deeply regret that I have caused problems for my colleagues who I hold in very high regard.

Steaming hypocrisy

Gatland appears to have renounced her past with the IRA, and obviously this has satisfied her peers and bosses in the Conservative Party, as she is happily still representing them. But no such treatment is given to Corbyn – even though any contact he had with the IRA was in the context of the peace process in Northern Ireland.
Gatland’s past and her ascension to some height in politics shows the utter hypocrisy at the heart of UK politics and media. While it is seemingly OK to support and be actively involved in terrorism if you’re a Tory, trying to instill a lasting peace in one of the most troubled parts of the world, if you’re a left-wing Labour politician, condemns you for the rest of your career.


Saturday, 20 May 2017

9/11 Fact or Conspiracy

The article below was one I found showing pictures of plane wreckage inside the pentagon. Unfortunately most of the links no longer work (another conspiracy?)


The Pentagon

A 757 entered this building ... A 757 with 2 engines weighing over 3 tons each

Gold under trade center




Thursday, 18 May 2017

I Emailed the Tories

I keep getting emails from the Tories so I decided to reply 😈

14:01 (12 hours ago)
to Amber
Thanks for your email
Unfortunately im still undecided as who to vote for and Labour's policies make a lot of sense.
The Conservatives make a lot of claims, which when checked appear to be untrue, so could you answer these questions.
  • I've just checked back to 1976 and every Conservative government since then has increased the UK Debt by more than any Labour governments. Its always claimed that Labour increases debt more than the Conservatives. Why claim this? when its not true.
  • Since 2010 and despite austerity the Conservative government has increased the UK debt by 700 billion. Checking back this is more than all Labour governments combined since 1900. Why is this and where has the money gone?
  • The claim is that Corbyn is weak, yet Theresa May refuses to engage in a TV debate saying that the public do not gain from politicians insulting each other. Corbyn doesn't engage in insults or mud slinging therefore this isn't an argument. So why does Theresa May refuse to debate against a supposedly weak Corbyn, she is the one looking weak?
  • Theresa May claims strong and stable leadership, yet since 2010 the PM has dragged us into an ill though out referendum, George Osborne's policies lost the UK its AAA rating and missed every target he had proposed regarding the Deficit. The PM promised in the commons that he would not resign but then did. Theresa May campaigned to remain but now claims to be the one who will provide Strong and Stable Brexit negotiations. Theresa May claimed there would be no election as Britain needed stability, but then called an election. How can we believe anything that Conservatives say, this is not Strong and definitely not stable?
  • You claim that Labour's costings in their Manifesto don't add up yet Labour has repeatedly offered to have both Labour and Conservative costings audited by the Office for Budget Responsibility. Why do the conservatives refuse to do this?

I will be interested in your answers as due to resignations Labour is going through some issues.

Kind Regards

On 16 May 2017 at 20:53, Amber Rudd <bulletin@email.conservatives.com> wrote:

Dear G,
Today Jeremy Corbyn confirmed what we already knew: his nonsensical ideas simply don’t add up and working families across the country would pay the price.
We’ve only got 23 days to stop Jeremy Corbyn from getting control of our economy and our Brexit negotiations – so please donate today.

After last week’s shambles, here’s what we now know about Corbyn’s ideas for our country:
  • His manifesto would mean more borrowing and more debt – and higher taxes for everyone
  • He claimed his manifesto was “fully costed” - but he made promise after promise, including plans to raise benefits and nationalise the water supply, without knowing how he’d pay for it
  • Ordinary working people would pay the price for his chaos
Just imagine if he was in charge of the Brexit negotiations - everyone’s economic security would be at risk.
We simply can’t let that happen, Gary.
Please donate to our campaign today and together we can secure the strong and stable leadership this country needs - with Theresa May as Prime Minister.
Thank you for your support,

Amber Rudd 
Home Secretary

Monday, 15 May 2017

Hitlers control of the media

In 1929, Hitler chose Josef Goebbels as his Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels developed extremely successful campaigns using simple slogans and images repeated over and again in order to win public support for the party. The Nazis spent huge sums on newspapers, leaflets and poster campaigns.
When Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, the Nazis controlled less than three percent of Germany’s 4,700 papers. 
The elimination of the German multi-party political system not only brought about the demise of hundreds of newspapers produced by outlawed political parties; it also allowed the state to seize the printing plants and equipment of the Communist and Social Democratic Parties, which were often turned over directly to the Nazi Party. In the following months, the Nazis established control or exerted influence over independent press organs. 
During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “Communist uprising,” then channeled popular anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. SA (storm troopers) and members of the Nazi elite paramilitary formation, the SS, took to the streets to brutalize or arrest political opponents and incarcerate them in hastily established detention centers and concentration camps. Nazi thugs broke into opposing political party offices, destroying printing presses and newspapers. 
Once they succeeded in ending democracy and turning Germany into a one-party dictatorship, the Nazis orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Germans. The Nazi Propaganda Ministry, directed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, took control of all forms of communication in Germany: newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, art, music, movies, and radio. Viewpoints in any way threatening to Nazi beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media.

Censorship was rampant throughout Nazi Germany. Censorship ensured that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted people to see, hear what they wanted them to hear and read only what the Nazis deemed acceptable. The Nazi police dealt with anyone who went outside of these boundaries. Censorship dominated the lives of the ordinary citizen in Nazi Germany.

The Press in the Third Reich
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General guide to Nazi propaganda

Theresa May admits unrestricted immigration from EU could carry on

Theresa May admits unrestricted immigration from EU could carry on for YEARS after Brexit

The back sliding is in full swing and Theresa May is no longer able to hide it
Paul Nuttall

“Citizens across the EU are only too aware that freedom of movement into Britain will cease at the end of March 2019. Unless a cut-off point is set now, our borders will remain open to every single citizen in the EU. 
“If the Prime Minister fails to set a cut-off point on immigration, Britain must prepare for a crisis as around 1.25 million extra EU migrants will likely move to Britain in the next two years and our public services, transport and housing stock which is already at breaking point will not be able to cope.”

Migrants from the European Union could be allowed to come to Britain with full citizens’ rights for years after Brexithappens in 2019, Theresa May has hinted. 

'Uncontrolled immigration from Europe will continue until 2020s' admits Theresa May

Boris Johnson is latest MP to admit unlimited EU immigration will continue after Brexit

Don't expect EU free movement to end for at least five years, May warns: PM says there will be an 'implementation period' after Britain leaves 


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Please don't just share this post.

Ive noticed recently an increase in posts on Facebook that request that you don't share a post you copy and paste it. It will have a story and then the sentence similar to below.
Please don't just share this post. By copying and pasting all YOUR contacts will see it too. If you share someone's status only your mutual friends will see it.
There are a few reasons for this and the fact that only your mutual friends will see it is only partially correct.

So here is a little list

  1. Whether a wider audience can see a post depends on the privacy setting that the original person set.
  2. By copying and pasting you create a new instance of the message that is separate from the original and is no longer controlled.
  3. Fake news and scam posts are easily spread this way, and makes it hard to track the originator, yup that's why they want you to cut and paste.
  4. If a fake news or scam item is just shared, it can be deleted by Facebook and all the shared instances will disappear.  Yup 10,000 shared instances will all disappear at same time. But not if its copied and pasted.
  5. The other thing is scammers use the copy and paste ploy to target people. The post will normally contain a phrase with mis-spelt words. People that have shared a post by cutting and pasting can be found via a google search using  site:facebook.com "key phrase here" the scammer can now see a list of all people that shared a post with that phrase in.
  6. There might be a post relating to animal abuse... try it in the google search bar  site:facebook.com "animal abuse" or site:facebook.com "bet I wont get any likes" ... see what i mean?
  7. If the phrase is related to say animal abuse they know there's a good chance you'll respond to other Animal abuse posts.
  8. The only time you should really use cut and paste to share a post is if you know the origional sender, their privacy settings have it locked down and you want to share it to your friends. The only thing then is you should check why they have it locked down and are they happy for you to share it.

So there you go if your wondering why sharing is no longer good enough them's the reasons ... your being had. :-)

Diane Abbott Car Crash Interview On Police Funding


The Car-Crash Interview Everyone's Talking About: Diane Abbott On Police Funding

At the end of what can only be described as a highly embarressing interview she reels off the facts that were needed at the start. But what was going on before that, why couldnt she just switch from the simple mistake of saying 300 Thousand to 300 Million. Obviously she had all these different years figures going round in her head and had a total brain failure. There were lots of paper shuffeling heard in the background before she actually managed to come out with the correct facts, either way highly embarressing is an understatement.
Diane Abbott: "What I'm saying about the costs is in year one, obviously, we're getting ready to recruit. But in year two, the cost will be £64.3million. In year three, the cost will be a £139.1million, year four, the cost will be £217million and year five, the cost will be £298million. And that can be amply covered by reversing the cuts to Capital Gains Tax."
What is worse is she actually tried to defend it by saying she mis-spoke rather than just saying, yes I messed up big time and had a brain freeze.

The Interview

Nick Ferrari: So how much would 10,000 police officers cost?

Diane Abbott: Well, erm... if we recruit the 10,000 police men and women over a four-year period, we believe it'll be about £300,000.

Nick Ferrari: £300,000 for 10,000 police officers? What are you paying them?

Diane Abbott: Haha, no. I mean, sorry...

Nick Ferrari: How much will they cost?

Diane Abbott: They will cost... they will, it will cost, erm, about... about £80million.

Nick Ferrari: About £80million? How do you get to that figure?

Diane Abbott: We get to that figure because we anticipate recruiting 25,000 extra police officers a year at least, over a period of four years and we're looking at both what average police wages are generally, but also specifically police wages in London.

Nick Ferrari: And this will be funded by the reversing in some instances I think the cuts to Capital Gains Tax, but I'm right in saying that since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the party, that money has also been promised to reverse spending cuts in education, spending cuts in arts, spending cuts in sports. The Conservatives will say you've spent this money already Diane Abbott.

Diane Abbott: Well, the Conservatives would say that. We've not promised the money to any area. We've just pointed out that the cuts in Capital Gains Tax will cost the taxpayer over £2billion and there are better ways of spending that money. But as we roll out our manifesto process, we are specifically saying how we will fund specific proposals and this morning I'm saying to you that we will fund the 10,000 extra police officers by using some, not all, but just some of the over £2billion.

Nick Ferrari: The £80million is the figure we used.

Diane Abbott: Yeah.

Nick Ferrari: But I don't understand., if you divide 80million by 10,000, you get 8,000. Is that what you're going to pay these policemen and women?

Diane Abbott: No, we're talking about, erm, a process over four years.

Nick Ferrari: I don't understand, what is he or she getting? 80million divided by 10,000 equals 8,000. What are these police officers going to be paid?

Diane Abbott: We will be paying them the average...

Nick Ferrari: Has this been thought through?

Diane Abbott: Of course it's been thought through.

Nick Ferrari: Where are the figures?

Diane Abbott: The figures are that the additional costs in year one when we anticipate recruiting about 250,000 policemen will be £64.3million.

Nick Ferrari: 250,000 policemen?

Diane Abbott: And women.

Nick Ferrari: So you're getting more than 10,000? You're recruiting 250,000?

Diane Abbott: No, we are recruiting 2,000 and perhaps 250.

Nick Ferrari: So where did 250,000 come from?

Diane Abbott: I think you said that, not me.

Nick Ferrari: No, no, I can assure you you said that figure because I wrote it down.

Diane Abbott: What I'm saying about the costs is in year one, obviously, we're getting ready to recruit. But in year two, the cost will be £64.3million. In year three, the cost will be a £139.1million, year four, the cost will be £217million and year five, the cost will be £298million. And that can be amply covered by reversing the cuts to Capital Gains Tax.

Im not keen on Abbott never have been, hopefully she would go the same way Osbourne did on the Tory side if Labour actually got in. Labour had been creeping up in the polls (if you believe them) it will be interesting to see the effect after this. A good example of why Chairman May is not debating and limiting interviews.

At present i have not been able to find any evidence of Abbott mentioning the figures in other interviews as she claims.

Labour police policy hit by error-strewn Diane Abbott interview

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Theresa May booed out of Bristol - Conservative Party Campaign - General Election 2017

Chairman May, obviously very popular in this area.

Another staged meeting behind closed doors rather than out meeting the general public. Although I dont blame her on this occasion.  Think they may have seen through the Tory lies and Misinformation here.